As part of Fostertech total commitment to equity and transformation we set levels of excellence for training and development of personnel in order to enhance business performance and competitiveness.

These are based on four principles
Commitment – Fostertech is fully committed to developing its people in order to achieve it aims and objectives
Planning – a planned approach is set out for business objectives and how we can achieve them.
Action – Fostertech develops their personnel in order to improve their efficiency and overall performance on client’s sites.
Evaluation – Fostertech investment in its personnel is directly proportional to their delivery of service.
Fostertech regards our personnel as our most important resource and is dedicated to the development and empowerment of all our personnel through the alignment our personnel and organizational goals. Targets are set for a five year period, which are monitored, measured, reviewed and adjusted annually, taking ever changing business circumstances into account. The company obligates itself to focus more attention on the short term rather than on the long term. Targets are based on the anticipated staff turnover and growth in the following categories:

• Senior Management.
• Middle Management.   
• Junior Management.
• Administrative Staff.
• Supervisory Staff
• Security Officers.

It is important for the company to ensure that disadvantaged groups, irrespective of race and gender are equitably represented across all categories. If necessary, policies and procedures regarding recruitment and selection criteria, and training and development procedures are reviewed, as well as performance

Fostertech ensures that our company benefits are above the legislated minimum, so as to attract and retain quality personnel. All personnel are covered by a Provident Fund which is partly subsidized by the company.

Fostertech takes pride in their employees well being and to this end we have a provident fund in place.

Our guards are paid in accordance with the legislated Wage Determination Act, and prices are based primarily on this factor. This enables us to have more reliable personnel on the ground, which in the long term would be to our mutual benefit.

Polygraph tests are carried out by an independent assessor, in liaison with the
Operations Director. We believe this enables us to provide a fair assessment of the situation,irrespective of the client/security personnel involved.